King of Space

King of Space
Irish King=Quantum Particle

Sunday, April 3, 2011

As Time Goes By

Yesterday I had to attend my second funeral in the last 4 weeks. My sister in law's brother died, a great guy, always easy to talk to, funny, ju

Friday, April 1, 2011

God Save the Illinois

Today I attended a wake for my sister in law's brother who not only was a good man but a much smarter man than me. He had worked and lived in Illinois for 55 years. He was an avid Bears fan, was someone you could always talk to, a good father, and all around a good man. Well he left here two years ago. Why would someone leave Illinois? I am not sure I have enough storage to tell you all the reasons. This past week the CEO of a major employer in ILL(28,000 employees) threatened to leave the state. Our recently elected Guv-said no, no, no-they will never leave! Well Guv-you are either in a coma, stupid, or have your head where it should not be able to be. My oldest daughter just moved to Texas--why? Well besides she can enjoy better weather-she gets a 5% increase in take home pay-no income tax in Texas vs 5% here, she pays half in sales tax-Cook County is the highest in the nation, and finally again-the weather! Illinois is imploding, the corrupt system here encourages it. I expect if and or when the state defaults the usual suspects will blame the banks....Mr Bill PS who else but ILL(that is the short definition and current status of Illinois---would plan to borrow over $8 Billion-and claim it lowers cost when they are $13B in debt--as Mr Spock would say-fascinating)