King of Space

King of Space
Irish King=Quantum Particle

Friday, March 2, 2012

Fade to Black=the genetic rainbow


Well tonight's troubling post is about dementia. My family has a wonderful genetic history. My Grandparent's for the most part lived to be 86 on average-which is a full, rich life. Unfortunately when you come from a large, diverse Irish family with 14 aunt's and uncle's and over 50 cousin's well the genetic rainbow blossoms and it sucks! I have had relative's-my aunt's, uncle's, and several cousins now die from the following-drum roll please-ALS, Parkinson's(before Michael J Fox made it popular), MS, cancer, stroke's, dementia, and luckily no car crashes! As I always have said, I can't win the lottery but when the DC sniper was shooting people and I was in DC-I would with my luck get shot-1 in 3 million. I also have a strong affinity for music and this next link is a song off of Glen Campbell's new CD, where Paul Westerberg from the Replacements(great solo work too) wrote the title song-Ghost on the Canvas, and this song-Any Trouble;

Great song, I am 55 hope I don't give my loved one's any trouble-take a listen to a great song, by a great talent who is reaching the end of his road-g'night-Bill