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King of Space
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Thursday, November 3, 2011

King of 5% is a felon

This week was a major week in my favorite state, ILL, that means Illinois-which is sick or rather ILL. This week someone from what I have read in the local papers, heard discussed on the radio, et all, Mr Celleni was found guilty of 2 of 4 counts. He was per the local press the King of ILL, made so with help from what is known around here as the ILL combine. The secret to Ill politics, and yes our President is from Ill, is that if your are a politician, your party affiliation is pretty much dictated by where you live. Now why do I say that? Well our latest, recent felon lived in Springfield, was know as Mr 5%, which was his take on deals, such is why he was/is a high school teacher and is now worth a $100M....anyhow for all of you uneducated folks Mr Celleni, was tight with Tony Rezko, our President's neighbor......hmmmm...G'Night-Mr Bill

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