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King of Space
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Friday, December 9, 2011

You Get what you vote for

This week the latest line of Illinois politicians, in this case our governor, BLAGO, was sentenced for 14 years. Blagojevich reaped what he sowed, as did Illinois. This week the press mentioned the systemic abuses, incompetence, and trail he left within the first to last year of office. He apologized on the day of his sentence, when for the last three years he threw the whole process under the bus, with ridicule, sarcasm, and personal from what I could tell attacks on the Federal Prosecutors. All of this has been said. As Judge Zagel said the fabric of Illinois is torn, or as I have said, Ill is Ill. What continues to amaze me is that the voters of Illinois must also be Ill. The consistently vote for people who are products of a system which has hidden taxes across the board. I am not painting all Illinois politicians with a broad brush. The new President of Cook County, Ms. Preckwinkle is wrestling both legacy practices and a huge deficit in a truly stellar manner. I also am more than impressed with the new Mayor of Chicago-the Rahm man. He has inherited a complete mess. No more needs to be said on that. When he said this week that the taxpayers of Chicago are not an open ATM machine-I was impressed. What does not impress me is the voters in Chicago allowing themselves to be again-systemically taken for a ride. My point is there is some hope here in Illinois though with the current state politicians who 1) ignore our debt 2) want to make my bathroom a casino(that will be next years bill-all bathrooms are open to gambling) 3) our property taxes go up as commercial taxes go down---hmmm who represents the commercial properties?

In conclusion, Blago got what he deserved, appears there will be more fallout from this conviction. I take no joy in what happened to our Governor, in fact I have nothing but empathy for his family, apparently he just realized this week what his actions have done to them. God Save the Kinks and GOd Save Illinois....Mr Bill

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