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King of Space
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Monday, January 30, 2012

Earth Groaning-2012 Predictions

Today I heard on the radio here in Chicago that the earth appears to be groaning! Some are predicting it is the movement of the tectonic plates ala the movie 2012. You know that movie, it's where John Cusack breaks all human foot speed records by catching a plane taxing to take off in LA. I went to YouTube to see the video's that have the sound, sounds more to me like a barge moving down the Detroit River in Detroit. Here is the link:

Now what's more interesting is when I watched the video turns out 1) part of the video was filmed in Windsor, Canada-on the Detroit River, next to Detroit-and it sounds like a SHIP HORN! NO SHIT. The good news with the search I did was I also found a map that shows the pending axis move of 40 degrees-again a 2012 like theory where the Earth will move and Chicago will now be on the Equator. Based on this I am cancelling my weekend trip to Fort Myers where I was going to start looking for a winter home. Based on this revelation I will actually have a year round summer home. Here is the for the new map of Earth--can't wait:

Finally this all lead to the new map of the Earth-another 2012 theory where again the world will change ALOT. Again for us in Chicago, especially the NW suburbs---I will soon own lakefront property. Take a look:

2012's going to be an interesting year, first we now have proof that ship horns can be heard in Windsor, Canada. Next when the Earth shifts-I will have year round summer weather as well as it looks like I will be living on the Lake Michigan Beach-awesome! If the Earth is going to move 40 degrees as well as sink half of the US, well no wonder it is groaning.

Mr Bill

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